Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Prototype for interactive piece based on water and wading.

Animation - Animation Middle (3)

The concept for the 3d animation is based on moving through water. Legs walking through the water as objects pass by. I think this could be interactive also. The viewer could use the keyboard to slowly move the legs left or right through the water. The legs would always be walking left though and the current would be moving from left to right. Objects such as the branch would appear on the left then move out of the frame at the right.

Animation - Animation Birth

Here are some drawings of the cells dividing. All the animations I want to make a continuous loop so that when the viewer comes to the sculpture / installation / kiosk they will be able to see what is happening.

Animation - Animation Birth

The first animation is based on birth and the splitting of the cells at a very rapid rate. Using the projector I think I could project the animation onto a plaster half sphere placed inside a constructed box.

Animation - Development

Here are my initial ideas for five minutes worth of animation. As I was thinking about nature and our symbiotic relationship with everything around us I started to think about the progression from birth to death. I think this also has something to do with my daughter, Macy, being born. To make the whole project easier to complete I thought that making 5x1 minute animations would be easier to handle. I then thought about how to display these animations. I'm thinking of creating stand alone sculptures/installations for each one. I found this great = cheap projector for $30 and its small enough to put into a contained space.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

"De Natura Fossilium" This image was made with acrylic paint on wood. Based on our dependence on oil, money and cars.
I finally finished this piece .... YES!!! The title is "Falco Peregrinus" It is oil paint & acrylic paint on wood. The metal piece at the bottom is actually and igniter from an old oven that I needed to replace years ago. It was too cool and too expensive just to throw away. This piece is based on my new series dealing with the symbiotic relationship with nature and humans.